There are many options to choose from when correcting your vision with contact lenses. Understanding all of the contact lens options that are available to you will help you determine which option your vision or lifestyle may benefit from the most.

Gas permeable contacts have their origins as the first contact lenses developed in the 1970s. Many improvements have been made in the lens material and the designs of gas permeable contact lenses. These advances have increased the clarity, comfort, and versatility of these lenses. Practitioners are now able to fit their patients with gas permeable contact lenses when other lenses may not be suitable.

The advantages of gas permeable contact lenses include superior optics and can provide better vision than their soft contact lens counterparts. They are especially useful for correcting high levels of astigmatism or irregular corneas from diseases like Keratoconus. They are durable, and overall simple to care for.

The disadvantages are limited but include a higher up-front cost, initial foreign body sensation or mild discomfort, and a longer contact lens fitting.

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